Humans worry about rainstorms that bring large downpours and damaging hail at times. However, on a much smaller scale, Bob Danley reports that butterflies stay out of way of rain because of the considerable damage a single raindrop can do to their wings. (See photo above) In this week's Bitterroot Outdoor Journal, he says some authorities say the impact is comparable to two bowling balls hitting a human. That's why you don't see many butterflies out on cloudy days. The dragonfly population will see a surge with warm, dry weather predicted for next week. Bob provided a photo (see below). Lots of wildflowers are in full bloom in the Bitterroot, with some odd names - Curve-beak Lousewort, Nodding Onion and Purple Dragon-Head.

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You see these guys near the river. (Bob Danley Photo)

Bob says the