Dragonflies are zooming around in western Montana, as Bob Danley noted this week in KLYQ's Bitterroot Outdoor Journal. The Dot-tailed Whiteface was seen near the Bass Creek trailhead, but the numbers of all species of dragonflies are increasing as the summer comes on. Butterflies are slowly making their appearance with Bob spotting a Boisduval's Blue (photo below), which is usually found by lupines, their favorite plant. Bob has seen 26 different species of butterflies this year. Birds are singing - even in your yard. The little songbirds are nesting, and if you find a nest, set up a viewing space and watch the adults feed the youngsters. Studies have shown that the Yellow Warbler female (see photo below) brings at least 1,560 food items to the nest once the eggs have hatched until the yougnsters fledge. 221 species of birds have been noted this year in Missoula County on the EBird website.

Wildflowers are in their glory with over 70 species seen so far, including Alberta Penstemon, Bent Milkvetch, Silvery Lupine, Spotted Coralroot (see photo below) and Western Meadowrue. Don't miss Bitterroot Day at the Ravalli County Museum Saturday June 13 - a celebration of the Montana State Flower and our valley's namesake (photo below).

Yellow Warbler. (Mike Daniels Photo)
Boisduval's Blue butterfly. (Bob Danley Photo)
The top of a Spotted Coralroot. (Bob Danley Photo)
Bitterroots. (Mike Daniels Photo)