The wildflowers are done for the season, except for some colorful berries; the birds are starting to fly south and there are still some smaller creatures flying around, according to Bob Danley at KLYQ's Bitterroot Outdoor Journal.

The Autumn Meadowhawk dragonfly can be seen in the valley. This species can handle those low temperatures in the 40s and there's a color difference between the male and female (see photo above). Butterflies are still around, too. The West Coast Lady and Painted Lady (see photo below) are getting ready to leave before the freezing starts. They'll head to Mexico and won't necessarily return to the area. Then, there are the hawks. We have silhouettes of the Merlin with 10 inch long bodies and pointed, angular wings. (see photos below) They soar in the mid-afternoons.

And, bob has tips on identifying songbirds. Look at the heads. That's where you'll find lines or stripes that look like moustaches, eyebrow lines, dark bags under the eyes and under the bill is the lore that might be different color than the surrounding feathers. All those areas can help you figure out what you're seeing.
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Four "ladies" in the Bitterroot. (bob Danley Photos)
Merlin silhouettes (Bob Danley images)