Every year, the blooming plants bring allergy symptoms throughout the world. In Western Montana, the Common Sneezeweed sounds like it would be a culprit for such noisy reactions. Actually, as Bitterroot Outdoor Journal's Bob Danley found out, the plant was named Sneezeweed a long time ago - when snuff boxes were somewhat popular. The ground-up plant packed well in the containers and people would inhale the snuff and sneeze. Whatever its history, the plant is part of the scenery on the valley floor. Bob found some on Maclay Flat by Blue Mountain, along the Bitterroot River. It grows to a maximum 24 inches and has yellow disk flowers. There are 18 species in the U.S.

The butterfly of the week is the Purplish Copper, also found in the oxbow area on Maclay Flat. It's only an inch and half from wingtip to wingtip. The upper wing of the male is purple and the the upper wing of the female is orange. And you can find them on Sneezeweed! (See the photo below)

Purplish Copper butterfly. (Bob Danley Photo)

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