Even Mother Nature gets involved with Halloween decorations. Of course, we have the colorful leaves changing, but down close to the ground, Bob Danley has found some Coral Fungi and spooky Black Elfin Saddle, ready for the holiday (see photo above).

Migration for Sand Hill Cranes has been happening in the valley, with quite a few spotted near Corvallis. Bob says the 6-foot wingspan and the legs extended in flight help you identify these magnificent birds (see photo below). They spend winter in the American southwest and around a half million of them have been heading that way. The cranes fly in family groups and mate for life. Well, snow is probably finishing up our butterfly and dragonfly sightings. Bob saw Green Comma (see photo below), California Tortoiseshell and Mourning Cloak butterflies up Bass Creek west of Stevensville. The Bitterroot Outdoor Journal is heard every Wednesday morning during the Bitterroot Morning 7:30 a.m. newscast on klyq 1240 AM and klyq.com.

Silhouette of Sand Hill Crane. (Bob Danley image)
Green Comma butterfly in October. (Bob Danley photo)