This week's Bitterroot Outdoor Journal focuses on the Skalkaho area, with its destination waterfall, Skalkaho Falls (photo below). But there's more than the water. Bob Danley drove up a few of the gravel roads off the main road to find 20 species of wildflowers (photo above) and near Skalkaho Pass at 7200 feet, butterflies and dragonflies, too. He saw a Lorquin's Admiral butterfly (photo below) with a 3-inch wingspan, with black coloring on top of the wing and white with burnt orange below. His featured dragonfly is the Sedge Sprite with a metallic green and blue color. Wildflowers blooming this week (some are in the photo) include Aster, Bluebells, Century Plant, Pearly Everlasting, Paintbrush, Ragwort, Sitka Valerian, Slender bog Orchid, White bog Orchid, Yellow Columbine, Lupine, Mountain Deathcamas, False Hellebore, Elk thistle and Elephanthead.

Elsewhere in the Bitterroot, you can see Cedar Waxwings flying around, and this time of year, they're "flycatching" though they also eat fruit in the fall and winter. Back on the ground, Fungi include Orange Hydnellum (photo below) which looks like a typical mushroom from above, but has odd-looking spines underneath the cap on the stem. You can find it in moist, shady forest areas. Featured wildflower this week, the Ghost Plant (photo below) with white/bluish white color, grows to about 10 inches tall and lives off dead, organic matter. He saw some up Bass Creek. The Bitterroot Outdoor Journal is heard Wednesday mornings about 7:45 a.m. during the Bitterroot Morning newscast on 1240 AM KLYQ and

Skalkaho Falls, looking up. (Mike Daniels Photo)
Lorquin's Admiral butterfly. (Bob Danley Photo)
Cedar Waxwing in spring and winter. (Bob Danley Photos)
Orange Hydnellum fungi. (Bob Danley photos)
Ghost Plant. (Bob Danley photos)

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