Our USA flag is red, white and blue. In this week's Bitterroot Outdoor Journal, Bob Danley has found some examples of the colors in four different categories. First up are Birds (see above) - with Red Crossbill at the top of a conifer, the White underbelly of an Osprey and the Blue color of a male Lazuli Bunting.

Next, let's look at Butterflies (see below). Most have a variety of colors and you've got to examine 'em closely. Bob's choices - Red with Atlantis Frillary underwing, White with the Oreas Comma underwing, and Blue with the aptly named Square-spotted Blue. All can be found around mudpuddles this time of year - in the sunshine.

(Bob Danley photos)

Dragonflies have colors, too. (see below) Red with the Variegated Meadowhawk, White for the Western Forktail (turns white in a growing phase called pruinosity) and Blue with California Darner.

Bob Danley photos)

Wildflowers, naturally. (see Below) Bob had lots to choose from and selected for Red the Greater Red Indian Paintbrush, White with the Northern Bedstraw and Blue with the Wilcox's Beardtongue. By the way, you might see hummingbirds buzzin' around the Red Indian Paintbrush and the Wilcox's Beardtongue.

(Bob Danley Photos)

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