Fall in the Bitterroot Valley includes the golden yellow colors of the Western Larch along the mountainsides. Bob Danley of KLYQ's Bitterroot Outdoor Journal said this week that the conifers are also deciduous, losing their leaves during winter. (see photo above) They are mainly in the Pacific Northwest and definitely here in Western Montana. Bob also noticed some fall colors with lichen, along many rockfaces and the common green species are Green Rock Posy, while the the spooky Snakeskin Liverwort is memorable when you find it. (see photo below) The hexonal pattern on its cells resemble snake scales. And then there's the Ink Cap mushrooms, which are white to begin with, and then they liquify into black spores for reproduction. (See photo below) Happy Halloween!

It's not a reptile, its a plant - snakeskin liverwort. (Bob Danley photo)
Ink Cap mushrooms - white at first, black later. (Bob Danley photo)