In between the thunderstorms this week, you can see some amazing wildflowers blooming in Western Montana and the Bitterroot Valley. Bob Danley in this week's Bitterroot Outdoor Journal says there are at least four varieties of lilies that are "showing off" this month (see photo above). Over 100 species of wildflowers can be identified right now. Bob saw eight new butterfly species and two new damselfly dragonflies.

The hummingbirds are needing those feeders with cool weather keeping some of their regular food sources from full bloom. Also, shore birds are beginning their migration south already. An interesting challenge from Bob is to identify the 6 different types of woodpeckers at the Lee Metcalf National Wildlife Refuge nature trail. Grab an experienced birder and go out there and listen for the tapping. Bob's report is heard weekly on KLYQ 1240 AM.