Bob Danley has been hearing things this past week. In the Bitterroot Outdoor Journal on KLYQ, he reports that the Ruffed Grouse is doing its seasonal "drumming" in the valle. You might not be able to see the bird, but if you're patient and listen closely in the woods, you might hear the a male bird telling everyone which territory is his, drumming on a hollow log, usually. Here's a good example at Cornell's website.

Over 195 bird species have been noted in Missoula County and 172 species in Ravalli County so far this year, and migration is winding down. New this week - Dragonflies at the Florence Bridge Fishing Access Site. It is tick season, too. So, make sure you do a tick check of yourself after being in the woods. The little guys like to hitch rides on your clothing as you brush by long weeds and grasses. And take some time to check out all the wildflowers that have been blooming. They sometimes are only "showing off" for a couple of weeks. By the way, the Ravalli County Museum's annual Bitter Root Day, celebrating our Montana State Flower, will be June 8th.

Ruddy Duck in the water. (Mike Daniels, Townsquare Media)