The Mountain Cottontail rabbit tracks show the hind legs ahead of the front legs (see photo above) and the rabbit is active during the winter at sunrise and sunset, when it's less dangerous for it to look for food. It likes juniper bushes and is not very social. Bob Danley says they are in the Bitterroot Valley and you can see them once in a while against the white snow background.

This is the weekend of the Great Backyard Bird Count, from February 14 to 17. You can count all weekend or only a couple of hours - it's up to you. Check their website for tips and how to record your results. Bob saw a very small hawk this last week - the Sharp-shinned Hawk, which he describes as a "robin on steroids (see photo below)." Birds that are being reported include owls and early returning Wood Ducks and Red-winged Blackbirds. Bob's report is heard Wednesday mornings during the KLYQ 7:30 Bitterroot Morning newscast. Check his website, too.

Sharp-shinned hawk in a tree. (Bob Danley photo)