The top teams in the weekend's Southwestern A Divisional Tennis Tournament in Corvallis and Hamilton: (Boys) 1st - Dillon, 2nd - Butte Central, 3rd Corvallis, 4th - Hamilton, 5th - Stevensville. (Girls) 1st - Corvallis 57, 2nd - Butte Central 27, 3rd - Stevensville 26, 4th - Dillon 24 and Hamilton 24.

the following high school players are heading to the State Tournament in Polson:

  • Boys
  • Singles - Bradley Rakich of Dillon, Alex Raymond of Hamilton, Manuel Gonzalez of Butte Central and Marius Goddard.
  • Doubles - Warnken and DeLeo of Corvallis, Johnson and Ossello of Butte Central, Southam and Peterson of Dillon and Harrington and McGee of Butte Central.
  • Girls
  • Singles - Olivia Fehr of Corvallis, Nicole Hritsco of Dillon, Sarah Trinh of Hamilton, Zoe Sullivan of Butte Central.
  • Doubles - Bartlett and Westman of Stevensville, Watt and Pickett of Corvallis, Wiedkamp and Coates of Corvallis and Beller and Cavill of Stevensville.

    State A High School Tennis will be May 24 and 25 at Polson.