The yearly search for Bitterroot Bill at the Lee Metcalf National Wildlife Refuge will be part of Groundhog Day February 2.

Bob Danley is inviting the public, along with a Stevensville 3rd Grade class, to the annual Groundhog Day event at 11 a.m. Monday.

He talks about it in an interview we're sharing on our YouTube channel (which you should subscribe to and catch all the stuff we're doin' this year!)

The annual observance started a few years ago. The observance is informal and is part entertainment and part informational. Dress in warm clothes (we're hoping for cloudy weather, of course) and wear some sturdy shoes, though there won't be much walking involved.

Now, we'll warn you ... Bitterroot Bill is a Marmot, an animal "cousin" to groundhogs, and he often hides out during Groundhog Day. Like many nature expeditions, you never know if you'll actually see him. At the very least, you can see where he lives.

And if you know any Groundhog Day songs, bring 'em along!

By the way, there's lots of information available about the refuge at its website.