The May 4th public school elections are all being conducted by mail-in ballots again. There are no bond issues this year, but the school boards have candidates on the ballot. Voters in Hamilton, Corvallis, Darby, Stevensville, Lone Rock and Victor school districts will have ballots coming in the mail. They should all arrive at your home address by next Wednesday.

According to Ravalli County Election Administrator Regina Plettenberg, the packet from the County Election Office will include the ballot, which will be specific for your school district. Vote for your favorite candidates, then put it in the green envelope, seal it and put that in the tan envelope. Sign the tan envelope. If you don't sign it, the county election officials will not count the vote until they contact you and get a signature verification, just like the general election last year. Mail the ballot in the self-addressed tan envelope or you can bring the ballot to the Ravalli County Administration Center on the 200 block of South 4th Street in Hamilton. The ballots must be received at the election office by 8 p.m. May 4th.

The races this year:

  • Hamilton School District 3
  • (three 3-year terms)
    Drew Blankenbaker, Tim Campbell, Patrick Hanley, Richard T. Hulse, Eli Kent Johnson, Larry Lee, Daniel H. McNeely
  • Corvallis School District 1
  • (two 3-year terms)
    Stacy Ann Cortes, Mark J. Fournier, Carol W. Peterson, Helen M. Sabin, Todd Wyche
  • (one unexpired 2-year term)
    Tonia Bloom, Cameron Criddle, Marc L. Sabin (Rockie Weidow withdrew)
  • Victor School District 7
  • one 3-year term
    Jared Thompson, Lori Wilson, Steve Wilson
  • Darby School District 9
  • (two 3-year terms)
    Peter Ehmann, Kristie Helland, Ryan L. Smith
  • (one 2-year unexpired term)
    Ashley Christopherson
  • Stevensville School District 2
  • (two 3-year elementary/high school terms)
    Sarah Armijo, Cathleen A. Cook, Jesse Reeves
  • two unexpired 1-year elementary/high school terms)
    Stephanie Esch, Kristopher McKoy, Daniel Mullan, Frances "Frannie" Schmitz
  • Lone Rock School District 13
  • (one 3-year term)
    Cody Houtchens, Roy Larson, Sr, Brandon Williams (Leda Turnage withdrew)
  • (one 3-year Stevi High School - Lone Rock term)
    Breanna Gum, Jennifer Gunterman, Rachel Lewis, Leda Turnage)
  • The Stevensville and Lone Rock students have separate elementary schools in their districts, but a combined high school in the Stevensville district.

    KLYQ Radio will have election results when they become available late on May 4th or in the 7:30 a.m. news May 5th and on this website,

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