Bob Ward & Sons is currently underway with its third installment of the "Scope it, Mount It, Shoot It" campaign. Now is your chance to get to test out the latest that Leupold has to offer. If your aim is true, it could score you a brand new Leupold VX-R Firedot scope. Stop by the Missoula, Bozeman or Helena Bob Ward & Sons locations to give it a try. I have done my share of looking at critters through my scope this hunting season, but have not had a chance to send a round down range yet. With the "shoot it" portion of the Leupold campaign, you can fire off a few shots and possibly walk home with your very own Leupold.

It is simple, just stop into Bob Ward & Sons by the end of the day on November 16 and ask the gun counter for a chance to "shoot it." They will take you back to their little indoor range and give you five shots with a fancy air soft gun, equipped with the Leupold VX-R Firedot. For each hit, you will get one entry. So just breathe and squeeze the trigger softly.

Take it from a PRO (tooting my horn)

HINT: The Leupold is made for high powered rifles and long range, so the air soft gun can make things a little different. MY TIP - Aim slightly high and slightly to the left.

Bill at Bob Wards

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