The Mustang Complex of forest fires has burned over 145,000 acres near the Salmon River, and has displaced many animals.

Saturday, a fisherman spotted a lone bear on a river trail near Corn Creek Boat Launch. The bear was in a Douglas fir tree and a fire crew looked for the cub's mother without success.

Emily Atlas of the Forest Service e-mailed Justin Williams of the Idaho Fish and Game about the bear, which she had named "Boo Boo."

Discussion about the bear's weakened condition, with second degree blistered burns on its paws, brought Williams to Corn Creek to capture the bear. Atlas and a member of the Whiskey Flats fire crew helped Williams capture the 25-pound cub. Williams believed the bear had not eaten in about five days.

Chris Gaughan of the Idaho Fish and Game in Salmon took the bear to the state veterinarian Dr Mark Drew at the Garden Valley Ranger Station. Further treatment may be done at McCall, Idaho.

Along the way to Garden Valley, Gaughan found another black bear cub, abandoned near Idaho Falls. That bear, smaller than Boo Boo, will also be evaluated for rehabilitation.