These birds are low to the ground in the bushes and they're here all winter - the Dark-eyed Junco is also known as a snowbird and all five species can be found in Montana, says Bob Danley in our weekly KLYQ Bitterroot Outdoor Journal. The tiny bird feeds on the ground in the winter. (The slate-colored junco is shown in the photo below.)

We've been identifying area trees in the weekly report (heard Wednesdays between 7:30 and 8 a.m. on KLYQ 1240 and This week, a description of the River Birch tree, which, unlike the white paper birch, has reddish-brown bark that doesn't peel. You can find it along trails in watery areas. Sometimes, at the bottom of the tree, you'll see a leafy lichen attached. It's the Hammered Shield Lichen and is common in the Bitterroot. (See photo below). Check Bob's website for more natural tidbits.

Slate-colored Dark-eyd Junco. (Bob Danley Photos)
River Birch tree. (Bob Danley Photo)
Hammered Shield Lichen, the Parmelia Sulcata. (Bob Danley Photo)