The Bitter Root Water Forum has volunteers getting WET. WET stands for Watershed Enhancement Team and is a group of volunteers who monitor and maintain the Water Forum's projects in the valley. Katie Vennie, in a news release, said the first outing for the group will be Monday, June 15, at 5 p.m. The Water Forum has been working on streambanks over the years with major projects along the Bitterroot River. The WET teams go back to those projects and count the plants, maintain the fences and browse protectors, do some watering, and take pictures to document how the project is progressing.

Vennie said that you don't need previous experience and you'll be working in the riparian areas along the waterways. The Water Forum is concerned with Nonpoint Pollution Sources (NPS), where rainfall or snowmelt carries pollutants into the rivers. She said the Montana Department of Environmental Quality has designated 38 streams in the valley as "impaired" by NPS, meaning that aquatic life is being affected by the pollutants. The forum's planting projects on the streambanks helps stop the NPS problem. If you want to help, drop by the Bitter Root Water Forum at 178 south 2nd Street in Hamilton, call (406) 375-2272, check their website or their facebook page.

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