With the uncomfortable sticky heat we’ve been suffering though lately, have you been longing for snow? Have you been dreaming of that white chilly goodness to envelope you in a beautiful blanket of white?

  • Photo courtesy of Jer Kunz/flickr

    I’ve missed standing outside with my tongue sticking out like a small child just waiting to catch a soft flake and let it melt in my mouth. Nothing tastes quite as good as fresh snow does.

  • Photo courtesy of Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources/flickr

    There’s nothing like forming that perfect snowball in your hand and saving it for just the right time when you can hurl it toward your loved one. The sound of the snowball splatting against the side of their face is so satisfying.

  • Photo courtesy of dalechumbley/flickr

    I’m a kid at heart, so I love making snow angels. Laying in a pile of fluffy, white snow and flailing my arms and legs to make that perfect snow angel is a little piece of heaven on Earth.

  • Photo courtesy of hubertk/flickr

    Of course, I can’t forget sledding. Rushing on a thin piece of plastic down a steep hill gives me such a rush, especially the older I get. It is really fun when there is a little jump at the bottom and you catch a little bit of air.


  • Photo courtesy of wine me up/flickr

    My favorite part of winter is watching the snow fall while sipping some hot coco by a warm fire. There is nothing more magical and delicious in the world.