With spring officially here, the City of Missoula Street Maintenance Division will begin its street cleaning schedule on Tuesday, April 1.

City Street Division Superintendent Brian Hensel said street cleaning activities will take place in all eight zones from April through July.

"Our normal sweeping program that hopefully everyone is used to by now will get underway on April 1," Hensel said. "Once again, we'll have even and odd parking days depending on which area that we're in, and cars will have to be moved off the streets in scheduled areas. If your car is on the street in a particular district on the designated cleaning day, we'll actually move it if we have to. If it's outside of the designated sweeping districts, the sweepers will go around them. We do post signs in those designated areas on street cleaning days."

Hensel said special collection vehicles are being sent out to remove sand from the streets that was used for traction during the previous winter,

"We're currently sending the sweepers out to go and pick up as much of the heavy sand accumulation and street debris that we can in advance of the regular sweeping program," Hensel said. "If we didn't do that, we couldn't collect all the extra accumulation during the regular sweeping program."

Attached, find a map of the street sweeping schedule, or visit the city website for more details.

Hensel also revealed the total cost of snow removal and deicer from the winter.

"We spent a total of $314,000 on deicer products, and we were about $26,000 over on the overtime budget," Hensel said. "To make up for that extra expense, the city's probably going to have to look for savings across the board to help compensate for the additional costs."