In celebration of all the local high school graduations, Main Hall at the University of Montana campus will be showing a different color at night through June 8th. The lighting of the hall (photo above) will be for two hours each night - from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m. and will show school colors from each of eight area high schools.

In a news release, UM President Seth Bodnar said, "The University of Montana is thrilled to honor the academic success and perseverance of our local high school graduates. On behalf of the entire UM family and Missoula's hometown university, I welcome these graduates to revel in their incredible accomplishment, celebrate under the lights of their school colors and take the next steps towards fulfilling their bright futures."

The schedule:

  • June 1 - Valley Christian School
  • June 2 - Willard High School
  • June 3 - Big Sky High School
  • June 4 - Seeley-Swan High School
  • June 5 - Hellgate High School
  • June 6 - Sentinel High School
  • June 7 - Frenchtown High School
  • June 8 - Loyola High School
  • Graduates and their families are welcome to come to the University Oval and enjoy the lights on Main Hall.

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