He's discovered 22 comets and one of the discoveries he shared with Gene and Caryolyn Shoemaker made a big impression on the planet Jupiter.

David Levy of the Jarnac Observatory will be in Bozeman MT Friday at the MSU Strand Union Building, presenting "A Nightwatchman's Journey: My Adventures as a Comet Discoverer and Sky Watcher" Friday afternoon at 4pm. The talk will be in SUB Ballroom A.

Levy is also president of the National Sharing the Sky Foundation and his major discovery was Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9, which, after discovery, broke apart into a "string of pearls" in the sky and then hit the gas giant Jupiter in a fiery line. (See photo)

Those explosions in 1994 were Earth-sized and were observed by a large number of telescopes.

Levy is currently working on the Jarnac Comet Survey in Vail Arizona, with a worldwide network of telescopes planned.

He also will be the featured speaker at the Museum of the Rockies' Astronomy Day Saturday, April 21. His topic "Poetry of the Night: Finding a Relationship between Literature and the Night Sky," will be at the Hager Auditorium at 1pm Saturday.

His appearance is sponsored by the MSu Physics Department and the Montana Space Grant Consortium.