Yes, the Neowise comet can be seen in early hours of the day in western Montana. Mike Daniels caught the fairly dim streak in the 4 a.m. hour Saturday and then zoomed in with his telephoto to get a pretty good view. (photo below)

We'll repeat from an earlier notice - Look to the northeast and you'll see the planet Venus. It's bright. Along the horizon north of Venus is the bright star Capella. To the lower left of Capella will be the comet. You may need binoculars to spot it. By the way, it was not named after the main character in the Matrix movies. It was discovered in March by an orbiting telescope - the Near-Earth Object Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer - NEOWISE.

After July 14, viewing the comet is better in the evening. Look to the northwestern sky an hour after sunset. It will be below the Big Dipper. Astronomers are not sure how much longer it will be visible. It passed by the Sun July 3rd and will be closest to Earth on the 22nd, but the farther away from the Sun it gets, the dimmer its tail should be. But, what the heck - take a look anyway.

Neowise comet. (Mike Daniels Photo)