After refusing to sign on to the recent Ryan/Murray budget agreement, Montana Congressman Steve Daines is now signing on to a new piece of legislation that hopes to get rid of military cuts embedded in the budget.

H.R. 3788, originally sponsored by Pennsylvania Rep. Michael Fitzpatrick, hopes to reverse cuts to military retirement benefits. The cuts are targeted at working-age retirees (under 62) and mandate a one percent cut to the Cost of Living Adjustment (or COLA) The bill has gathered 45 cosponsors so far, of which all but two are Republicans.

“While I commend Chairmen Murray and Ryan for their work to find agreement, it is simply unacceptable to pay for Washington’s increased spending on the backs of our country’s veterans—the brave and selfless men and women who have defended our nation—through ill-conceived, blunt cuts to their retirement pay,” said Daines. “This bill will restore theses senseless cuts to veterans’ pensions and ensure that the benefits they deserve and have earned are not sacrificed for Washington’s spending addiction."