Bigfork County Water and Sewer is reporting that they have found elevated levels of coliform bacteria in the water supply. District Manager Julie Spencer explains what researchers found.

"We routinely test our water and we had tests in January that came out coliform positive, not fecal coliform or e. coli, but total coliform, which is an indicator of bacteria, Spencer said. "The department of environmental quality told us that it is not harmful, it doesn't need to be boiled, we are chlorinating to eliminate any potential that it is contaminated."

Spencer says the water is not believed to be a risk to most people, but that some may want to consult a health professional.

"If you have any health issues, we recommend that you talk to your doctor to see if they recommend drinking bottled water, but other than that, it is safe to drink," Spencer said.

Bigfork County Water and Sewer has about 1,200 connections many of which are homes. Spencer says she expects bacteria levels to be down to normal levels by the end of February.