I have been curious about the musical soundtrack for a beer commercial on TV recently. So, I dug into the internet for the answers.

My clue for the Heinekin beer ad were words in the lyrics at the end of the spot... bossa nova. Plus, the singer sounded like Elvis.

Well, it was Elvis Presley with the song "Bossa Nova Baby," which actually made it into the top ten when released as a single. It was from the movie "Fun in Acapulco," where all the pretty girls are in love with Mr swivel-hips.

However, it wasn't quite the same song.

Y'see, in 2010, Sony Music released a CD of Presley tunes, remixed with new drums and extra background music so the songs were "transformed for the 21st century." Bossa Nova Baby was one of better attempts on the album. The beer company used it.

... and Elvis lives again!

To celebrate his "rebirth," KLYQ will be giving away a CD with the new Bossa Nova Baby treatment AND an Elvis lunchbox (a cheap replica) AND an Elvis flipbook (where you can see him swivel those hips.)

How can you enter?

Find our booth at Daly Days on Hamilton's Main Street Friday and Saturday, July 25 and 26 and sign up on an entry form. We'll draw a winner at random next week!