A brand new white picket fence was bult and painted in a day this weekend at Emma's House in Hamilton.

The 230th Vertical Engineer Company of Hamilton's Montana Army National Guard spent the day building the supports and painting and placing the pickets for the fence.

The volunteer effort will provide a safe place for children to play, throw a ball or visit with a pet, according to Kierstin Schmitt. She said that SSG Kristie Ruttenbur, Readiness NCO and Facility Manager, brought in the Unit to build the fence, so that the kids could feel safe in the yard, which is on the corner of two busy streets in Hamilton.

The fence will also be used as a fundraiser. For a $50 donation, the donor's name will be engraved on a plaque and placed on one of the pickets. Call (406) 363-7216 for more information.

Emma's House is non-profit children’s advocacy center which provides a safe place for children and families to talk to professionals about child abuse and neglect.

Their website has more information about the role the organization plays in the community.