What's the view from the kayak going over the 186-foot high Palouse Falls? Tyler Bradt knows because he broke a world record by doing it.

The 29-year-old Stevensville native is celebrated in a new exhibit at the Ravalli County Museum this summer. The "Off the Edge" display is open until October.

Tyler grew up in the Bitterroot Valley and museum-goers will see examples of his early adventures on horses, skis and snowboards.

Then, the world beckoned with trips around the US and Europe, then to South America and Africa as Bradt basejumped (with a wingsuit), surfed, sailed, kayaked and tried other extreme sports. Examples of all are on display - including the Palouse Falls kayak.

Ipads will be available for video playbacks, too.

He also is a proponent of a sustainable lifestyle, with conservation issues and Earth-friendly solutions in mind.

Tyler Bradt continues to explore and challenge the elements.

Krista Smith holds an almost lifesize photo of a Komodo dragon at the Bradt exhibit. (Steve Fullerton, Townsquare Media)