The art of tracking animals in the woods around the valley has been turned into "art" and brought inside the city limits. The intersection at South 4th and State Street, right next to the Bitterroot Public Library, has painted tracks of different animals like bears and deer on the pedestrian crosswalks. The tracks were created last weekend by a group from Bike Walk Bitterroot. Some of the stenciled tracks are outlines of fish and bitterroots. The colorful addition to the intersection is actually more subtle than you would expect, with the addition of little bright spots on the pavement without overpowering it.

Bike Walk Bitterroot's mission on their website - "Bike Walk Bitterroot promotes a healthy, economically strong, and culturally vibrant community of cyclists and pedestrians by making biking and walking safe, convenient and accessible for users of all ages and abilities." This project was promote safe pedestrian routes. They have created maps of bike routes in the valley (free online) and promote safe routes for kids riding their bikes to schools. And though it was cancelled due to COVID-19 this year, their "Fork to Farm" bike tour has been well received. The group has more photos of the crosswalk mural on their Facebook page. Head to the intersection, look both ways for cars, and follow the tracks!

Crosswalk tracks. (Steve Fullerton, Townsquare Media)

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