A fire west of Florence was fought by crews from the Bitterroot National Forest this week.

The small quarter-acre fire started Thursday afternoon and was apparently human-caused, according to Tod McKay of the Bitterroot National Forest. He said a crew walked in to build line around the fire and a helicopter dropped water on the One Horse Fire near Sweeney Ridge Thursday and Friday.

Forest officials expected the fire to be contained within days.

However, a warning for the public. Initial indications are that a person caused this fire. Remember, even though fire danger is at the "moderate" level on the forest, the conditions are hot and dry, with grasses spreading any fire quickly. The weather forecast does not call for much rain in the near future and the above average temperatures are causing concern from firefighters.

If you build a campfire, make sure it is dead out and cold to the touch before you leave your campsite. Add water, stir it, add more water, stir it again.