Former South Carolina governor and UN Ambassador Nikki Haley started a three-stop campaign tour Monday in Hamilton with a "get out the vote" speech before a select group of local Republican candidates and party organizers at the Bitterroot River Inn. Haley came to Montana to support the re-election campaign of Senator Steve Daines, who is in a nationally noticed battle with Democratic Montana Governor Steve Bullock. Nearly $120 million has been spent so far for the Montana U.S. Senate race, a new Montana record for political spending in one race.

"All eyes are on Montana right now,” Haley said. “Why? Because it's the 51st vote. Oh, it's the 51st vote, and we understand what's at stake, because this is the difference between a conservative court and a liberal Supreme Court. This is the difference between law and order and riots and lawlessness and defunding the police.”

Daines had planned to be with the tour, but was called back to Washington, D.C. Sunday for votes on a new Supreme Court Justice and possible COVID-19 relief. Instead, Congressman Greg Gianforte, who is running for Montana Governor with his running mate Kristen Juras, spoke in Daines' place and introduced Haley, who praised Daines' work in the Senate.

Haley said about Daines, "Important as the Presidential election is, so is the Senate, because who's gonna stop that runaway train of regulations, taxes and giving out - doling out - money to everyone for the green new deal and all these crazy things? That's what we're talking about." She added, "He's pro-life, pro-2nd Amendment; he understands the value of our veterans and he'll protect them every day. You just don't see Senators like that."

The 10 a.m. stop in Hamilton was followed by a noon stop in Kalispell and, later in the afternoon, a third meeting in Great Falls. Nikki Haley was elected South Carolina Governor in 2011 and was American Ambassador to the United Nations in 2017-18. She has written two books, "Can't Is Not An Option" in 2012 and "With All Due Respect" in 2019.

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