Another daily record of COVID-19 positive tests was reported Friday, November 20, by Ravalli County Public Health. Director Tiffany Webber said the department received notice of 92 new positive lab tests, bringing the number of active infections in the valley to 669. As of noon Friday, another 121 lab tests were awaiting review.

Webber said the public health resources are overwhelmed and has made an urgent appeal to the public to follow the simple guidelines to reduce your risk of exposure:

  • Wear a mask in public.
  • Maintain at least a 6-foot social distance.
  • frequently wash your hands and use hand sanitizer when washing is not possible.
  • Keep your social circle small.
  • Tiffany also noted in a news release "none of the guidelines on their own offers 100 percent protection against infection."

    If you have been diagnosed with COVID-19, please isolate at home away from others in your household, notify anyone who may have been exposed and direct them to the "Close Contact" directions on the Ravalli County COVID-19 website.

    You can return to normal activities 10 days after you had your first symptoms, BUT ONLY if you have no new symptoms and you haven't had a fever in 24 hours.

    The Ravalli County Public Health staff is very small and the nurses' priorities have been notifying those who have tested positive for COVID-19. Those who test positive need to help notify others who may have been in Close Contact.

    Flu shots are highly encouraged, in case you haven't yet had one as we begin cold and flu season. Statewide, the positive test results in Montana have topped 1,000 several times in the last two weeks. The current surge of infections is evident in almost all the states.

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