Gas prices in Montana shot up last week, more so than anywhere else in the country, according to Gasbuddy's Senior Petroleum Analysts Will Speer.

“Gas prices in Montana are up just over four cents in the last week,” Speer said. “Montana had the biggest jump in gas prices while most of the country was seeing a decrease in prices. Gas prices in Montana actually peaked out on Friday and now are on the downturn.”

Despite increases here in Montana, prices dropped in nearly every other state, despite a record amount of demand.

“The demand for gasoline is still extremely high because of how low prices have been,” Speer said. “So that really entices people to go get out on the road and drive. So this past week  the government agency that tracks all of these statistics said that we used the most gasoline than we ever have in our nations history.”

Forecasters expect more records to be broken in July.