Gas prices are still rising in Montana, but at an extremely slow rate says Petroleum Analyst Patrick Dehaan.

"It was a quiet week for prices in Montana, inching forward by about a penny in the last week," said Dehaan. "Prices currently stand at $2.26 a gallon, that's exactly a dollar below where they were a year ago. Meanwhile the national average has increased about four tenths of a penny, and currently stands at about a dollar and thirteen cents lower than where it was last year."

While gas prices are rising, diesel prices are headed in the opposite direction.

"Well, the good news for diesel consumers, is that prices have actually gone down, so while low gas prices have inched forward diesel prices are coming back down," Dehaan said. "Diesel prices dropped three cents a gallon in the last week. We're looking at an average for a gallon of diesel here today, at about $2.83 a gallon."

DeHaan said that the main reason diesel prices were dropping was because winter heating oil was quickly being phased out for spring weather.