The 12 Annual Bitterroot Buggers flying fishing class starts in February in Hamilton.

Sponsored by the Bitterroot Trout Unlimited chapter, the classes involve fly fishing and fly-tying classes for beginning and advanced students - for boys and girls age 8 to 14.

Registration deadline is January 24, with the classes held on Tuesdays at the Westview Family Center on West Main in Hamilton, starting with Orientation February 7th. The classes include a casting clinic and an April fishing and picnic event.

The classes are free, but there are also optional complete tying kids and rod outfits at very low prices for the beginning students. Registration forms are at the Westview Center, at Western Flies and Guides on 93 on south end of Hamilton, at Fishaus Fly Shop on north 93 next to Vanns, and online at the Bitterroot Trout Unlimited website.