The people who help you at the polling places on election days go through a day of training every other year. In Ravalli County, Clerk and Recorder Regina Plettenberg said 100 new election judges will be trained March 10th. That training will include instruction on the new ADA-approved ExpressVote machines, though most people will be filling out the usual paper ballots - as long as you are registered to vote. And Plettenberg urged voters to register early. If you're planning to run for federal, state or local office, the filing deadline is March 9th. Check the Montana Secretary of State website for more information.

In May, a mail-in ballot will let voters decide whether the Bitterroot College can begin to become more independent from the University of Montana. That will be a county-wide mailing. The very next month, the U.S. primary election happens June 2nd, with polling places open throughout the county. Of course, you'll be able to vote ahead of time with an absentee ballot. And then, the General Election is in November.