Remember when we used to make fun of Canadians? We'd laugh and laugh about how silly it was to live in the tundra, and how they had funny accents and rode caribou and stuff. Then they got universal health care, and we all sort of shut up. Well, they also have a Star Trek Museum in a town called Vulcan. We're looking dumber by the day.


The Vulcan Tourism & Trek Station isn't just a fan museum with a gift shop, it's a 3,000 square foot tourist center for the Town of Vulcan (which, by the way, is the 'Official Star Trek Capital of Canada,' whatever that means), and the entire galaxy.

The museum has an impressively large collection of Trekkie memorabilia, which is probably why 30,000 people make the 'Trek to Vulcan' each year. That might not seem like a huge number, but remember: no one actually lives in most of Canada. Sorry, that was rude -- old habits die hard.


The museum itself was built to look like a landed space station, with elaborate landscaping and fibre optic lights. When you enter, you'll see huge floor-to-ceiling murals of the nebula before being greeted by the Trek Station's 'Captain and crew.'

Not this dude.

The museum was the idea of the Town of Vulcan's Administrator in 1995; he pitched the idea of a space-themed tourist center, to "tap into the growing tourist market interested in Space Tourism," according to the website. Wait, what? Is that a thing?  Either way, the town of Vulcan teamed up with V.A.S.T (Vulcan Association for Science and Trek). Three years later, they opened their weird, awesome doors.

If you're interested in taking a trip to Canada, I recommend two things: 1)Wait until it thaws out, and 2)Make sure to check out Vulcan, Alberta. Please report back.