A visit to their website will tell you that "few experiences in life are as meaningful and meaty-filled as those you’ll have at the magnificent SPAM Museum." Such a grandiose claim is enough to pique our interest.

Not to be confused with the NY Museum of Modern Art, this MOMA is the Museum Of Meat-Themed Awesomeness, and home to the world's largest collection of spiced pork artifacts.

The museum is 16,500 square feet, and admission is free, which seems like a good move. Visit and you'll get a wealth of information about the history of the weird canned meat product, including vintage ads, a Monty Python tribute exhibit and a  SPAM game show.


The website has already taught us so much about SPAM, that we kind of believe them about how great this place is. I mean, did you know there were this many kinds of SPAM?


Before you leave, be sure to stop by the SPAM store, to pick up some souvenirs  or even some cans of meat product. We hear it travels well. You can find visitor information on their website.