The City of Hamilton has been exploring new ways to keep the residents informed about their projects and topics that need some input.

So, the staff has put together a Facebook page that currently is showing off some of the projects that are ongoing in the town, the agenda of the next council meeting, a schedule of meetings and a link to a news story about Hamilton government.

The Facebook page is the latest way for the the council and Mayor Jerry Steele to connect with the town. Many people can't make it to the twice-monthly meetings, let alone know what going to be discussed.

And, when public input is required for grants and other issues, the lack of response from the people who live in the city limits has been bothering the councilors.

So, get over to the Facebook site, "Like" it and start paying attention to what's going on in your town. It doesn't get much easier than this.

By the way, the next city council meeting is coming up Tuesday, July 17. On the agenda will be discussion about "vacating" off a block of Baker Street. The council will also be looking at a contract to do some work on the intersection at South 2nd and State Street. They'd like to add a "bulbout" as has been done at State and 4th to provide more safety to pedestrians and better visual aid for motorists.