It probably won't be long before our kids' kids will be asking, "What's a DVD? What's a CD...a certificate of deposit?"

Well, until then, those shiny discs are piling up around the house and the office, as people start downloading their music, movies and data from the web and storing information on flash drives.

The first Ravalli County area CD/DVD recycling event will be Monday April 30 at the Ravalli County Recycling operation at 131 Old Corvallis Road.

The recycling center has been expanding its operations gradually with newspapers, copper and other scrap metal, plastic, and for One Day ONLY, CDs and DVDs.

Just bring 'em in they'll get rid of them in a nationwide program that can turn the discs into useable polycarbonate resin.

The Ravalli County Recycling Yard is open Mondays from 3 to 6pm. For more information call 375-0234.