The Mike Daniels photo of the corona around the eclipsed Sun is pretty cool, but down in the lower left-hand corner is a small, barely visible dot that looks like something is stuck on your computer screen.

But it doesn't rub off, so it must be in the photo.

So, we increased the brightness in the image.

more light eclipse

After checking where the planets were at the time of the August 21st eclipse, Mike determined that he had a photo of tiny Mercury. It's the planet orbiting closest to the sun and was a nice bonus of the eclipse photos he took.

The planet gets a little "pixilated" when you blow it up too much, but we zoomed in this next image.

Mercury at the lower left. Sun's corona in upper right. (Mike Daniels, Townsquare Media)

It takes the Earth a year to orbit the Sun. Mercury does it in about three months.