The COVID-19 pandemic has stopped any activity at the Hamilton Playhouse and Executive Director denise rose said the closure will last until at least May 13 and possibly longer. In a news release this week, denise said the K-12 Grade Summer Theater program has not yet been cancelled and enrollment will open May 1, as planned. However, tuition will be refunded if the program is cancelled.

Depending on the Montana Stay At Home restrictions, rehearsals for the play "Clue" are expected to resume in time for the scheduled June production dates (which had been the dates for "Crazy for You.") The playhouse may only produce a small-cast musical this year, but denise is hopeful to present Clue and Steel Magnolias for season ticket holders. She said the playhouse is working on how to "honor season ticket commitments in the safest and fairest possible manner." She suggested the public check the Hamilton Players website for a link to their Facebook page for the latest updates and e-mail: for any comments or questions.