Here are a couple of Christmas presents from the students and staff of the Hamilton School District.

Present #1: Earlier this month, the Hamilton Middle School got together for a "COVID" parody of The 12 Days of Christmas. Besides singing the song with creative lyrics, they put together some great video scenes to keep you smiling. It has everything from teachers doing a slow-motion 5 and half-yard dash to some playful dinosaurs and more.

We link to it here on the main Hamilton School District Facebook page.

Present #2: Scroll down just a little bit on that facebook page and you'll find the recently posted Hamilton High School Jazz Band Christmas Concert video. The musicians are socially distanced in the band room, with masks, and they provide swinging holiday tune or two. It's about 10 minutes long under the direction of Shawn Thacker. It's good stuff!

The students are on their winter break now, though the athletes will be hitting the gym through the rest of the year, getting ready for basketball and wrestling seasons. The first boys and girls basketball games are tentatively scheduled for January 5th. If you're going to any Montana high school games, there are restrictions and you gotta wear a mask.

Oh ... If you missed the lyrics in the kids' parody of the 12 Days of Christmas, here they are. The lyrics are creative and the presentation is one for the ages. So...sing along:

12 Netflix hours

11 Cans of Lysol

10 Close Contacts

9 Symptom Checks

8 Google Meetings

7 Sanitizers

6 Feet Apart

5 Quarantines

4 Google Classrooms

3 Medical Masks

2 Latex Gloves


I especially like the replacement for 5 Golden Rings. I can almost hear it - "5 quarantines!" Merry Christmas!

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