The mail-in elections for three Ravalli County towns have been mailed to registered voters, according to County Clerk and Recorder Regina Plettenberg.

The ballots were mailed Wednesday, November 18, and must be returned by 8 p.m. November 7th.

Plettenberg said that ballots for Hamilton, Darby and Stevensville include return envelopes or you can bring the voted ballot (in the secrecy envelope) to the election office at the Ravalli County Administration Center on South 4th in Hamilton. It is the only location for ballots to be returned. Plettenberg's election officers will count the mail-in ballots November 7.

She said the Corvallis School District levy election will be held on election day, November 7th, with the lone polling place open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. at the Corvallis School. However, Corvallis voters who have signed up for absentee voting were also sent ballots Wednesday.

If you are expecting a ballot, but have not received one by Monday, October 23, contact the Ravalli County Elections Office 375-6550 or the Clerk and Recorders Office at 375-3555.

In the city elections, here are the candidates:

Mayor – Travis Martinez, Dominic Farrenkopf
Council Ward 1 – Kristi Bielski, Eric Monson
Council Ward 2 – Rod Pogachar (unopposed)
Council Ward 3 – Kenneth S. Bell, Claire Kemp

Mayor – Brandon E. Dewey, James V. (Jim) Crews, Mark Adams
Council Ward 1 – Robin Holcomb, Laura Miller
Council Ward 2 – Raymond Smith, Jerry A. Phillips

Mayor – Willard A. “Buck” Titus, J.C. McDowell
Council Ward 1 – George M. Cuff (unopposed)
Council Ward 2 – (Full term) George Costello (Unopposed
(Unexpired Term) Jason D. Lewis, Bred Rider
Council At Large – Pamela J. Hart-Schlapman, Bill DeSpain

NewsRadio 1240 KLYQ AM will report the election results when they become available November 7th, with a wrap-up report on-air and on-line Wednesday morning, November 8th.