Hamilton's Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital has updated webpages and a new phone line dealing with COVID-19 issues. The phone number of the "Covid-19 Vaccination Interest List" is (406) 375-4799. It's much like the Ravalli County Public Health "Notice of Intent" line, where people can register that they would like to have a vaccination when the vaccine is available. The hospital is creating a database from which to schedule inoculations. On the first day of the phone line, over 400 calls were received.

Christina Boyles of the hospital said that she expects people will be registering at many lists that are now being offered by authorized providers in the county. By registering at one list, you are not prevented from getting the vaccine at any other place. The hospital "Vaccination Interest" number is (406) 375-4799. The hospital also has a "hospital portal" website that is packed with COVID-19 information, which also has an online registration form.

Boyles said that the hospital so far has received a few hundred doses and have been vaccinating people as they get the supplies. But supply has been a problem. The low incidence of the disease in Ravalli County actually drops the county lower in the distribution lists. Boyles' estimates of how long it might take to get the county immunized stretches possibly into the fall. But, she said, if a large shipment arrives, there will be an immediate push for a mass innoculation such as been done in Missoula County.

In the meantime, check the Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital website and their Facebook page for the latest information. If you are on the list, the hospital will call you when more information is available about vaccines. She said that all the providers are working together to try to get the population vaccinated as quickly and as safely as possible. Of course, keep wearing the masks, washing your hands and keep your social groups small.

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