A no-hitter is something that every pitcher dreams about throwing. It is such a  rare feat, but in today’s game has it become easier to do?Johan Santana of the New York Mets threw the team’s first no-hitter ever last Friday. Of course, it came under scrutiny because of a controversial play, but it doesn’t take away from his accomplishment. Santana’s no-hit performance was the third that we’ve seen this season already. Both Jared Weaver and Phil Humber — who tosses a perfect game — did it early on in the season.

Since the post steroid era in baseball has begun, pitchers seem to be hurling no-nos more often. In 2010, MLB saw six no-hitters, and 2011 featured three. If you go back to 1998 there was only one no-hitter thrown, and in some cases they are spread out by years. Did the steroid era make it harder for pitchers to do, and has baseball now returned to a pitcher’s game, instead of a hitter’s paradise?