There was plenty of Halloween haunting going on this weekend in Hamilton. Crowds found their way downtown Friday afternoon for the annual kids parade, sponsored by the Hamilton Downtown Association. Again this year, a very friendly T-Rex led the large group behind the KLYQ Ghost van on Main Street.

roof spider
Hamilton had invasion of inflatable giant spiders. This one was at the Bitterroot Aquatic Center. (Steve Fullerton, Townsquare Media)

The weather threatened, but only let loose a few raindrops for the afternoon event. Even with the large turnout for the two-block stroll of kids and parents, even more people showed up for the Friday trick or treating at many participating businesses. The lines were long, but the smiles were all around. They wrapped up the opening to the weekend at about 7 p.m.

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Saturday belonged to the witches. The "unofficial" Witches Brigade again brought out the black outfits and their bicycles, which clogged the intersections from the afternoon until way after dark. Each year, word somehow is mysteriously spread to interested witches and others on when to gather for a group "cackle" and a short bike ride along selected Hamilton streets. As with the rest of the weekend, the weather cooperated with a nice, storm-free day.

witch coven
Lawn decoration celebrating witches. (Steve Fullerton, Townsquare Media)

Then, Halloween itself on Sunday started with an overwhelming response to the Daly Mansion's second annual Trunk or Treat, with cars parked on the mansion lawn, with open trunks of treats from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. There were plenty of trunks and the treats were a huge draw for the valley - with attending families' cars in a long line (leading to the parking lot) down the Daly Mansion's main lane to the East Side Highway. Unofficial estimates of about a thousand little trick-or-treaters visiting the trunks. Law enforcement provided some help in keeping traffic moving on the east side highway.

At 4 p.m., Hamilton's Masonic Temple on South 3rd Street in downtown Hamilton opened up their free haunted house tour. A giant inflatable spider greeted you at the front steps. And, right next door, the Hamilton Volunteer Firemen were handing out treats at the Fire Hall.

halloween lawn
A dragon and more in south Hamilton. (Steve Fullerton, Townsquare Media)

Of course, the door-to-door trick-or-treat activity was at full speed into the evening hours. Some barricades helped slow traffic on the popular south neighborhoods of town, giving the pedestrians a little more safety. We hope you had a spooky but fun weekend.

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