A Fullerton Movie Tip:

A friend recommended the book. I read it. It's good. However, I'm thinking that the movie is going to be even better.

"The Martian," starring Matt Damon, opens nationwide October 2nd. That means we will be inundated with a promotional campaign for the next few weeks. But that's not so bad. Look how long we've been getting teasers about Star Wars 7, and it's not due until winter!

Briefly, the story is about a guy who is accidentally left on Mars and has to survive until help arrives - which is a long, long time.

The book has a great sense of humor gently sliding through it and I hope the movie retains that in such a serious plot.

The book, which the author first posted on the internet as an e-book, was picked up by a major publisher and a movie company at almost the same time. And, now the movie is ready to hit the big screen. The special effects will demand that you visit your local neighborhood movie theater to see it. Get the popcorn ready, Joe!

The cast is solid and the director is Ridley Scott. He knows space and he knows storytelling (Alien, Blade Runner, etc...).

Now, as a child, I saw a movie called "Robinson Crusoe on Mars." Paul Mantee in a 1964 adventure that was one of my favorite science fiction films of my youth. There's really not much comparison between that film and "The Martian," except that they are both stories of man against the elements on an alien planet.

I've got my fingers crossed on this one. Here's 20th Century Fox's official movie trailer. Bring it on!