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Remember like, three days ago, when it was 65 degrees outside? After this week's snow and frigid temperatures, it seems like an entire lifetime away.

It's gonna get a little warmer by the time we get to Halloween on Thursday, but not as much as you'd probably like it to be. So bundle up! Here's a few items you might need if you're taking the kids trick-or-treating and going out there to brave the cold.

1. Warm Coat


2. Portable Mini-Heater

If you can't be inside in the warmth, bring the warmth with you!



3. Big Puffy Hat

You know heat escapes through your ears, right? Trap that heat! Trap it good!


4. Hand Warmers

Put these inside your gloves and experience the warmness.


5. Wool Socks

I always mess up in the winter and don't buy warm enough socks. Don't be like me! Get some warm socks!