A semi-truck collided with a Subaru station wagon headed west on I-90 early Thursday afternoon, that led to the car crossing into the eastbound lane, rolling the vehicle.

Montana Highway Patrol trooper Michael Burman was first on the scene, and investigated the accident that occurred just west of the Wye, near the Frenchtown exit.

"The semi-truck was headed west on I-90 and was coming up on a slower semi-truck," Burman said. "The driver attempted to pass the other truck, he did not properly clear his blind spot and did not see the Subaru station wagon who was also attempting to pass.

Burman said this began a back and forth confrontation between the semi-truck and the Subaru.

"The driver of the Subaru reacted and swerved into the center median to avoid that truck," Burman said. "The driver came back up onto the roadway and there was a slight collision between the car and the truck which sent the Subaru back into the median. When the Subaru driver tried to correct herself, the vehicle rolled over into the eastbound lane of the interstate."

Burman said the semi-truck driver did not try to flee the scene, as was originally reported.

"The semi-truck driver returned to the scene," Burman said. "Because of the size of his vehicle, the driver had to go all the way to the next exit and come back to the scene in the eastbound lane. The driver was cited for making an improper lane change."

photo courtesy of NBC Montana

Trooper Burman said the eastbound lane of I-90 was closed for about an hour while emergency vehicles responded to the scene. The two people in the Subaru received minor injuries in the rollover.

Trooper Michael Burman